Businesses & Arts Community


Non-profit organizations and businesses large and small are encouraged to participate in Artober Nashville in a variety of ways.


Be in the Know



  • Does your business or non-profit organization have an event that is a perfect fit for Artober Nashville? Register your arts-related October events on, an easy-to-use, free local calendar and information resource. By tagging your event(s) as “Artober” in the primary category during the registration process it becomes an official Artober Nashville event. Metro Arts and utilize that calendar to generate content for media announcements, e-newsletters, social media campaigns and other promotional efforts. All events registered on will help showcase Nashville’s vibrant arts community and generate more awareness for your business or organization! Click here for a guide to registering your events on
  • Participate in the Artober Nashville VIP Discount Card, offering discounts and special offers to passholders throughout the month.



  • We also invite groups to organize and plan “pop-up” Artober Nashville activities – free, accessible temporary art and community arts experiences. If you are capable of demonstrating or presenting your art quickly and easily, in a safe and family-friendly way, consider creating an Artober Nashville pop-up. These fast, fun, one-time activities allow the public to experience the arts in unexpected ways and help ensure access to diverse arts activities. To discuss coordinating a popup activity, contact Metro Arts.



  • Help promote awareness of and participation in the arts during Artober Nashville by sharing the excitement with your friends, coworkers, family, congregation, social group, and classmates! Download the community partner toolkit for tips and tools on helping promote Artober Nashville via social media and more.


Artober Nashville offers free exposure for your business or organization and shows how creativity fuels Music City. Please join us in celebrating this year!

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